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My Favorite Podcasts


Do you listen to podcasts? About one in five Americans do, according to a recent survey; and that number is increasing rapidly. (If you’ve never heard of a podcast or don’t know how they work, check out this article.)

I discovered podcasting last fall, when I set up a podcast for our church. Since then, listening to podcasts has become a regular part of my week. I like to listen while I get ready in the morning, drive, or work in the yard. I listen primarily for personal growth, not for entertainment (though there’s nothing wrong with listening for fun). Here’s what I currently subscribe to and why.

  • Life Point Baptist Church – If I ever miss a sermon, I can go back and listen to it; or, if a sermon was really good, I can listen to it again!
  • The Briefing – Al Mohler’s “daily of analysis of news and events from a Christian worldview” has become a staple for me. I have never been good at keeping up with current events, but it is important for me as a pastor to do so. This podcast feeds me the basics (the episodes are usually about 23 minutes long), and it highlights the stories that are most important from a Christian worldview perspective. Also, Mohler’s analysis is often quite insightful.
  • The Village Church – I really enjoy Matt Chandler’s preaching. He is not as expositional as most preachers I listen to; but he doesn’t misuse the text, and he is theologically sound. His preaching has a strong counseling element to it, and the themes that he regularly brings up are good for my soul. He’s also a very engaging speaker.
  • Gospel Grace Church – Gospel Grace Church in Salt Lake City, Utah is the church plant Will Galkin is affiliated with. (Will is one of the pastors there.) The pastoral team there has recently been preaching through James. Lukus Counterman is the primary preacher, and his sermons have been especially good for me. Lukus is a gifted expositor who uses many stories and examples to apply the message of the text.
  • Bob Jones University – I enjoy listening to chapel sermons from my alma mater because the speakers usually cover a lot of material in a short amount of time (most of the sermons are about 30 minutes long) and because I know that the preaching will be theologically sound. In addition, it is nice to sample a variety of preachers and to hear them contribute to an ongoing series.

What are your favorite sermon podcasts? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Thank you for the recommendations! I love Matt Chandler. Here is a great one for ladies: I love it so much, I just got the book "The Resolution for Women" and I'm hoping to go through it this summer.

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