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318 Youth

318 Youth Ministry exists to help teens joyfully BELONG, GROW, and SERVE as followers of Jesus at home, in our church, and in the community.

As a youth staff, we are passionate about ministering to young people because we were all impacted by godly adults in our transition from child to adult.

VISION: Teens who follow Jesus for life.

We are after more than just big numbers or fun events; more than just a "safe place" or cool spot to make memories. We will call teens to follow Jesus for life, not just in their elementary or teenage years (when there's fun programs and games). But also when they venture out on their own, earn their own money, and make their own decisions.

We are calling teens to follow Jesus for life!

MISSION: 318 Youth exists to help teens joyfully BELONG, GROW, and SERVE as followers of Jesus at home, in our church, and in the community.

  • WHAT: The goal is followers (disciples) of Jesus; that is at the core of what it means to be a Christian, a child of God.
    • BELONG: we want teens to know that they are made special in God’s image; to follow Jesus as their King; to feel loved, welcomed, supported and an important part of our church.
    • GROW: we want teens to grow in their knowledge of God, walk with him, and commitment to the Word and prayer; we want them to make wise choices in keeping with God’s truth (with parents/home, friendships, school, media use, sport/hobbies, etc.); we want them to grow in their God-given personalities and spiritual gifts in the church.
    • SERVE: we want our teens to know that life isn’t all about them!; to see that God is doing things in this world that are bigger than them; to grow in a desire to serve in our church and the community; and to provide them with opportunities to serve.
  • WHERE: the sphere where discipleship happens:
    • HOME: as children and siblings, honoring their parents and loving their family (Eph. 6:1).
    • CHURCH: as integrated parts of our church body, using their spiritual gifts to love and serve others (Eph 4:11-16).
    • COMMUNITY: as godly, mature members of society who want to love their neighbors well (Mark 12:28-31).
  • HOW:
    • JOYFULLY: we want teens to love and honor God out of joyful gratitude for God’s grace, not out of compulsion or external motivation (e.g. just to make dad/mom happy, to “fit in,” etc.).
    • OBEDIENTLY: we want teens who obey God’s teaching; who surrender their own desires to serve another Master: King Jesus.

We are calling teens to belong, grow and serve as followers of Jesus!


  • GOSPEL-CENTERED: "The way into eternal life (the gospel), is the way forward"
  • SCRIPTURE-DRIVEN: “We share God’s timeless truths in our always-changing world”
  • DISCIPLESHIP-ORIENTED: “We value relationships above fun and programs”
  • PARENT-ALLIED: “We work with parents, not for them”
  • WHOLE-CHURCH INTEGRATED: "Youth ministry as a teen; familiy for life; the church for eternity"
  • SPIRIT-DEPENDENT: “Trust God to do what only He can”
  • JOYFUL: "Share soul-satsifying delight in God"


We serve each other in 4 ministry venues:


  • Every Sunday from 9-9:50 AM in Classroom 1.
  • This is our time to ground teens in foundational doctrine.
  • We will focus on key areas like Bible 101; The Church 101; Spiritual Growth; How to Know & Share the Gospel; How to Determine God's Will; etc.


  • Every Wednesday from 6:30-8 PM (during the school year). 
  • This is our time to teach truth and apply it to teens' lives.
  • We open the Bible and teach; break into small groups for application, prayer, and encouragement; come back together for a snack and game.
  • In the '23-24 school year, we're working through "Abide in Jesus." It's a curriculum that focuses on what it means to know and follow Jesus in all areas of life: our identity in Christ; fellowship in God; trusting Jesus in easy and hard times; waiting on God; etc.
  • To register your teen, head over to our 318 Youth registration page. Note: the $12 fee covers the student journal your teen will use each night.


  • Teen S.N.A.C.s (Sunday Night After Church) are a time to build relationships with teens, leaders, and other godly adults in the church.
  • We hold Teen S.N.A.C.s on the first Sunday night of the month in a different church members' home (often a teen leader or teen parent's home). We enjoy food, some games, and we get to hear testimonites of how God has changed that adult's life through the gospel of Jesus.
  • We meet at the church 10 min. after the PM service ends (around 6:30 PM) and carpool over to the leader/parents' home. You're welcome to drop your teen off as well. Pickup is at 8 PM. Cost is $2.

Special Events

  • Throughout the year, we engage in several special events to encouarge and challenge teens in their walk with God and relationship with others.
  • Some of these special events include: summer camp, winter retreat, special activities, service projects, etc.
  • For information about upcoming youth ministries, check out our calendar page.

For more information about the youth ministry, please contact Pastor Tim Aynes.