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Church Center App!

Hey Life Point family,
Last Sunday, we launched our new church app, Church Center! We are excited to use it as a tool to better helps us serve one another, stay informed about ministries of our church, as well as give to our church ministries.
Overview of the app:
  • Home: basic church info
  • Directory: access member info such as profile picture, phone number, email, home address, etc.
  • Give: online giving through the app
  • Groups: way for ministries to share event info, resources, and send messages in a small group setting. Look for more info on Groups in the near future.
  • Calendar: access our church calendar to find out about ministry and event details. You can sort by ministry; the browser version has a traditional 30-day calendar view.
    • To sync the full Life Point calendar with your calendar app/program (iCal, Outlook Google Calendar, etc.): 
    • To sync only special/unique events from the Life Point calendar (e.g. Life Point lunch, teen activity, etc.) with your calendar app/program (iCal, Outlook Google Calendar, etc.): 
    • Note: depending on your calendar app, you might be fine to just click the link and add it to your calendar; others might require you to open your calendar app and enter the link manually. Let us know if you have questions.
    • Profile button: in the top right corner, click on your profile image to access your account info. Here you can view/update your profile pic, household and personal directory info; view your personalized schedule (updated based on groups you’re in, ministries you’re serving in, etc.); and view your activity and giving. 
    Yesterday, we gave a brief overview of the app and explained how to access it at the end of the service. If you were not able to be at the morning service yesterday or if you want to go back and watch the presentation again, here is a YouTube link that will take you right to the presentation. Here is a PDF of the screenshots that Dustin used for his presentation.
    Below are four simple steps to download and use the app:

    1. Download the app or visit the website
    • Download the “Church Center” app from the iOS App Store or Google Play Store
    • Then, search for “Life Point Baptist” within the app
    2. Enter your email or phone number to get a verification code
    • If the church does not have your phone or email on file, you will not be able to login. Please email us to update your information:
    3. Allow Notifications: that way you can remain updated on the events and ministry resources in the church. We promise not to spam you!

    4. Share your profile in the “Directory”
  • Note: The directory will ONLY be seen by people within our church. This is not a public directory.
  • Upload a profile picture of yourself and your family.
  • Share as much info as possible so that we can stay connected with each other.

Online Giving

  • Online giving is a simple, regular way for you to contribute to the mission and ministries of our church.
  • If you have been giving on our old SimpleChurch app, you will need to cancel any recurring donations (in the app or on a browser) and set up your giving on the new Church Center app.
  • To setup one-time or recurring giving, simply click Giving on the app and setup your account.
  • Note: if you would like to give to multiple designated accounts (e.g. General, Building, Benevolence, etc.) you need to setup your online payments through the website, not the app (only 1 account at a time in the app). You can do so here: lifepointbaptist.churchcenter.comand click Give.
  • To give the most amount of $ to our church as possible, please setup ACH payments to your bank vs. credit/debit cards. The ACH fees are a flat $.30 per transactions vs. credit debit cards which are $.30 + 2.15% per transaction. If someone gives $300/month or $3600/year, that is $77.40 more that goes to the church if it is ACH vs. credit/debit cards. Based on 2022 online giving, that total could be well over $2,000 saved from not paying processing fees!
  • If you have questions about the security of online payments, this is a helpful overview of the process.


  • For the next 4 Fridays, we will choose 1 name at random who shared their info on the Church Center directory to win a $20 Starbucks gift card!
  • For the next 2 weeks, it will be anyone who shares their info. For the final 2 weeks, the names will have to upload a profile picture too.
  • Enter before this Friday to have the most chances to win!
We hope that this new app will be a great tool to help you stay in close contact with the church and your brothers and sister here at Life Point. If you have any questions about the app please contact Dustin Van Wyk:
Pastor Tim