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Reach Your World

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For 2018, we are adopting the theme, “Reach Your World.” Evangelism has always been a major emphasis of Life Point, but we can always use a push to grow our evangelistic efforts. Therefore, through this theme we hope to energize our evangelism by expanding our vision for the spread of the gospel, equipping one another to be better evangelists, and pushing one another to be more active in sharing Christ both in the world of the High Desert and in the world at large through partnering with our missionaries.

We’ve adopted four subthemes to help us take practical steps toward better reaching our world. Effective evangelism begins with identifying the lost whom God has called us to reach. Therefore, we will challenge each other to increase our vision for the evangelistic opportunities around us and for building new redemptive relationships.

Once we have identified the people whom God has called us to evangelize, we must plan to evangelize. One of the greatest hindrances to evangelism is that people aren’t confident in their ability to share the gospel. Therefore, we will teach through several gospel outlines so that we are ready to communicate the key truths of the gospel confidently. We will also introduce several resources that can simplify sharing the gospel in certain contexts. In sum, we want to be ready to speak, and we want to have a plan for how to best share Christ in each context so that we make the most of our evangelistic opportunities.

But even when we are prepared to evangelize, we often fear taking a step of faith and actually moving into a gospel conversation. Therefore, we want to challenge each other to initiate a conversation. After all, we can talk about evangelism until we are blue in the face, but if we don’t do it, we won’t get to participate in the harvest. We must step out of our comfort zone and be bold witnesses.

And thankfully, we don’t have to take this step alone. God gave us the church so that we can participate together in reaching our world. The people, services, and programs of the church can be a tremendous aid in reaching our world. They also give us the opportunity to help others reach their world. Therefore, we want to consider how we can better work together in reaching our community with the gospel. We also want to consider how we can improve our partnership with our missionaries and their other supporting churches in reaching people in every corner of the world.

We are excited about how God will grow us this year through this emphasis, and we are especially excited about how God will save souls as we participate in the harvest he is gathering.